Welcome to Ahlberg

Welcome to Ahlberg class! We are named after the author Allan Ahlberg, who has written some fantastic books such as 'Funny bones', 'Each peach pear plum', 'The jolly postman' and the 'Happy families' series.
Our class teacher is Mrs Sommers-Burrows, with Mrs Hunter and Mrs Harley our teaching assistants.
This year we will become...
... detectives as we solve mathematical challenges, authors as we write and edit our own independent stories and poems, scientists as we experiment with light, sound and forces, historians as we go back in time through our own personal histories all the way to the Victorians, explorers as we adventure out of the classroom in to forest school and in the classroom as we discover different environments around the world such as Africa and the Antarctic.
We have lots of fun and engaging learning going on inside and outside of the classroom, why don't you come and have a look?
  • Mrs Sommers-Burrows

    Class Teacher

  • Ms Emily-Jane Hunter

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Harley

    SEN Teaching Assistant