Welcome to Browne Class

Welcome to Year 3! We are named after the famous author Anthony Browne who has written some wonderful books. Our favourites are Gorilla, Into the Forest and The Tunnel - if you don't know about him try one of his books, they really make you think!
Year 3 is our first year in the juniors and we are enjoying the challenge. We work hard and try to do things independently, ask questions, learn from our mistakes and always do our best. This year we will be looking at fairy tales, outer space and exploring the depths of the ocean. We will also be learning about Iceland and Germany, looking into both their landscape and culture. We will be going back in time to research what life was like in Britain during the Stone Age as well as find out how the Romans influenced what we do today.
There will be many opportunities for outdoor learning, experimenting, cooking and creativity. We will keep you updated regularly with comments and photographs on our class page.