Clubs this term

Throughout the school year we run interest clubs after school.  The clubs run from 3pm to 4pm and are free of charge. 
The clubs offered are varied and some are limited to certain age groups.  Clubs usually run for either a half-term or whole term, depending on the season and popularity.  Booking forms are issued at the beginning or end of term and places are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis, however we do try to ensure all children who want to attend a club are able to access at least one.  Where this is not possible we maintain a waiting list and prioritise those children for the next term.
We ask parents to only sign up their child for clubs they have a genuine interest in and are prepared to come along each week.  This commitment is important as quite often there is an underlying theme or skill set that needs to be developed and worked on, and success in this will only be if attendance is regular.
We do understand that children change their minds.  If you find your child no longer wishes to come along, that's fine, but please inform the club leader so that your child's place can be given to a child on the waiting list.
Some of the clubs we have run in the past are:
Coding Club, Lego Club, Netball, Junk Modelling, Singing. Athletics, Film Club, Cooking Club, Let's Dance, Gymnastics Club and Robotics Club
For further details please check the Wednesday Note.