English & Maths

The curriculum at Tredington is led by the learning needs of our pupils. While work is planned through Topics each year teachers review and amend the details of these Topics to suit the learning needs of pupils. Teachers aim for work to be engaging and challenging with a balance of indoor and outdoor work, individual/group work and practical and theoretical work. Children are encourage to ask questions, challenge their understanding and explore ideas. They are taught how their brain works, how to improve their ability to learn and why focus and concentration is necessary.  Underlying all development of learning is the idea that understanding is developmental - concrete/ pictorial/ abstract. Children at Tredington understand that they come to school to learn and to work - they know that while they learn from their mistakes they should always do their best. 
This area of the website supplements policies and other curriculum information. It gives an overview of subjects and their development - for year group views please go to class pages.