Curriculum Information

This term we are learning through the topic 'Going Wild'. There is such a lot to learn through this topic and we can't wait to explore it by being curious. There are many opportunities for reading, writing and maths in this topic and we are looking forward to seeing what the children choose to write about or ask us to write about. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us so we can play outside without needing coats, although we will hopefully need our sunhats and sun cream. The children will learn through choosing their activities and we will provide some additional adult led opportunities to encourage the children to explore various concepts especially regarding understanding the world, maths and literacy.
We aim to link all of our learning to the British Values as we encourage children to care, be tolerant, follow rules, celebrate being individuals and make choices. Through 'Going wild' we explore all of these concepts. 
We produce a 'skeleton' curriculum map for our topics as we really don't know which direction the children want to take it in so we wait and let them take the lead. We will add photos to the website once we have learning to show you - we can't wait to see what the children will get up to.
As you can see from the English Long Term Planning (LTP), we teach a new topic each term beginning the year with 'All about me'. The EYFS curriculum is delivered through these topics and the 7 areas of the curriculum are developed in accordance with the children's interests. PE is sometimes taught as a separate subject, although we carry out a lot of physical activities throughout each day. 
We allow opportunities for the children to play outside every day and we have a large outdoor garden area for the children to enjoy and explore each day.
We teach the EYFS curriculum through continuous provision which means that many of the 7 curriculum areas overlap naturally. Due to the nature of the curriculum, we do not produce a long term plan of each 'subject' but there are maths and literacy opportunities available every day. 
Phonics is taught separately every day using a mixture of 'Letters and Sounds' and the 'Read, write inc' program. 
RE and PSHE are explored through continuous provision but there are occasions where it is developed separately. Through RE, the children learn about religious celebrations, belonging and understanding the world, all of which link to our British Values.