Curriculum Information

We teach a new topic each term. The EYFS curriculum is delivered through these topics and the 7 areas of the curriculum are developed in accordance with the children's interests as well as adult led activities. PE is taught as a separate subject, although we carry out a lot of physical activities throughout each day. 
We allow opportunities for the children to play outside every day and we have a large outdoor garden area for the children to enjoy and explore each day.
We teach the EYFS curriculum through continuous provision which means that many of the 7 curriculum areas overlap naturally. 
Phonics is taught separately every day using 'Letters and Sounds'. Maths and English are also taught in discreet sections of the day although they are the thread throughout the whole curriculum. 
RE and PSHE are explored through continuous provision but there are occasions where it is developed separately. Through RE, the children learn about religious celebrations, belonging and understanding the world, all of which link to our British Values.
Please check out our 'Guidance for Parents' area where you will find posters and  information about our teaching and learning methods and beliefs.
Look for:
* Characteristics of the Effective Learner.
* An overview of the Early Learning Goals.
* An Overview of Letters and Sounds.
* Help your child with Reading.