Welcome to Donaldson

Welcome to Donaldson Class. We are named after Julia Donaldson who has written many wonderful children's stories including The Gruffalo and Room on a Broom. 
This year, there are 15 children in Year 1. The teacher is Mrs Sommers-Burrows and the support staff in the class are Miss Dunn, Mrs Harley and Mrs Hunter.
Year 1 is a busy year when children make significant steps on their learning journey developing their reading, writing and mathematics skills, but also having the opportunity to experience other National Curriculum subjects, such as Geography and Computing. 
In Year One, we aim for children to be happy to come to school and be enthusiastic about their learning. The classroom is a busy place, full of fun and laughter! The children quickly understand that they come to school to learn and that they will do best when they work hard and rise to the challenges they are presented with. They all know that it is good to make mistakes, because that is when they learn best. This is also a time where the children learn to get along well with each other. This is easy for some and harder for others, but all children are encouraged to be kind and friendly and they soon learn how to get along and begin to build good friendships.
During the year, pupils will visit a number of places to help their learning, as well as having visitors in school and participating fully in school activities such as outdoor learning and Mini-marines. 
We value the support of parents and they are always welcome to visit the classroom. Parents will be provided with opportunities to get involved throughout the year, such as class workshops and school trips. Should parents have any concerns or questions we encourage them to contact admin and an appointment can be made with the class teacher.