May 2019

15th May 2019

On Wednesday 15th May Year 3 had a brilliant trip to  Tewkesbury Library where they were joined by a group of research scientists from the Severn Rivers Trust. The purpose of the day was to collect vital data about the endangered Shad fish as part of their  ‘Unlocking The Severn’ project.

The native Shad fish had effectively disappeared in 1844 due to the building of weirs, preventing them from swimming upstream to spawn. However, a small pocket of them have recently been identified in the River Severn in Tewkesbury. As a consequence, a notch was built in the Upper Lode Weir during its construction meaning that the small number of Shad who took this route from the sea annually were able to access the higher part of the river to spawn thus allowing a small population of them to survive.

A 20-million-pound project is now underway which will see 158 miles of the River Severn reopened to fish, by creating ‘fish passes’ around physical barriers (such as weirs) that currently prevent migration to critical spawning grounds. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day spotting and counting Shad and were delighted to be a part of this exciting project.