Meeting Attendance - 2017/18

Governing Board Attendance - 2017/18
We are required to publish each governor's attendance record at full governing board meetings and any committees they are members of.
Full Governing Board Meetings Attendance 
Governor Name Oct '17 Nov '17 Jan '18 Mar '18 May '18 Jun '18 %
Mr Alan Upton - Chair Yes Yes          100
Mrs Sally Riches Yes  Yes          100 
Mrs Jane Dunwell Yes  Yes          100 
Mr Robert Newman Yes  Yes          100 
Mrs Ruth Powell Yes  No         50 
Mr Kevin Parker Yes  No         50
Mrs Ann Ruddy Yes  Yes          100 
Mr Graham Spaull Yes  No         50
Mrs Cath Pollard Yes  Yes          100 
Finance & Personnel Committee Attendance
Member Name Sep '17  Nov '17  Feb '18   %
Mr Robert Newman - Chair Yes  Yes     100
Mrs Lisa Ann Ruddy Yes  Yes      100 
Mr Kevin Parker Yes  Yes      100 
Mrs Jane Dunwell Yes  No      50
Mrs Helen Turberville (non-governor) Yes  Yes      100 
Achievement Committee Attendance
Member Name  Nov '17     %
Mr Alan Upton        
Mrs Ruth Powell        
Mrs Jane Dunwell        
Mrs Cath Pollard        
Mrs Sally Riches - Chair