Welcome to Murphy

Welcome to Murphy class. The class is named after the popular author Jill Murphy. 
We have 15 children in the class this year. They are taught by Mrs Wellings for 3 days a week and Mrs Pollard on a Friday afternoon.
The message behind all of our learning is 'have a go and try your hardest'. We love to see children fully emerging themselves in their chosen play - whether it's learning through role play, writing some of their letters or turning a cardboard box into a truck. 
Murphy children love to learn and we love to help them learn. We challenge the children through questioning, modelling, demonstrating and facilitating. The children immerse themselves in their play through continuous provision each morning and afternoon and we bring the class together for daily phonics, counting and handwriting activities. Children are encouraged to be creative and persistent as they learn the skill of resilience.
Every day is different and we like it that way!
Come and take a look around our school to see EYFS in action, you'll be very welcome.