Our Values & Aims

Our Values and Aims
Tredington Primary School is a welcoming, nurturing community where children enjoy learning and teachers enjoy teaching. At Tredington children come first.
Parents, teachers and governors work together as one to achieve the success of all, valuing every child as an individual so that they can achieve the highest level of personal achievement and development as they embark on their journey of life-long learning.
Through challenging and high quality teaching and a rich and relevant curriculum our creative staff ‘go the extra mile’ to enable every child to achieve their potential through high expectations of excellence, personal achievement and an enjoyment of learning. In a safe and secure environment children are able to thrive and develop, learning respect for the experiences, knowledge and cultural diversity of others. Children are determined to do well developing confidence and a positive self-image as they learn to appreciate the opportunities that life will bring.
They behave with courtesy and care showing that they are sensible, considerate and honest. Children are encouraged to become good citizens by developing caring attitudes, respect towards others and themselves and an understanding of the importance of British Values.
Finally the entire school community at Tredington are committed to working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils through teamwork and a clear focus on learning. This is manifested daily through our school mission statement: Friends Learning Together.