Our Values & Aims

Our Values and Aims

Our vision is to create a friendly, creative learning environment where every child achieves their unique potential: For every child to be curious about the world around them; to be happy and relaxed; creative; confident; resilient and to care and respect others.

Classrooms will be vibrant, supportive and welcoming. They will be full of children motivated by positive, well-paced and purposeful lessons. These lessons will be delivered by staff who are passionate about the children’s success.

Every parent/carer will be able to feel proud of their child’s/children’s achievements- and will know exactly what these are.

Clear guidance will be given about the best ways to support children with learning out of school. All of this will be done because the children and their education will matter more than anything else. Every child will have the best possible start.

We aim to develop in our children a passion for learning; strong moral, social and cultural values; a hard working ‘Can do’ attitude; a desire to explore and understand the world around them.

Our school mission statement is: Friends Learning Together. Explore, Create and Share.