Poetry for all

We were introduced to a method of writing poetry that uses lots of repeated words. Miss Coffey used Dr Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham" to illustrate how this technique can be used in a really effective rhyming poem. This performance also links with our rap theme.
Each week, we celebrate poetry with our Poetry Friday.
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Miss Coffey has found poems of many different types that are all about animals and mini beasts. Why don't you have a look then try writing your own? There are lots of ideas in books or on the internet, if you are short on inspiration!!
Do you like this comic poem ??
I've got ants in my pants
that I just can't see
I've got ants in my pants
and they're worrying me.
(by Ms S)
We loved learning about Performance Poetry. We were inspired by Michael Rosen performing his poem Chocolate Cake.
We investigated Rap poems. Follow this link to see a Year 3 class perform "Gran, Can You Rap?"