School performance

School Performance 
At Tredington every member of staff works hard to enable each child to make progress and fulfil their potential. We aim to respond and support pupil needs whatever they are - whether their difficulties are academic, social or emotional. 
Tracking progress in a small school for groups of children can be challenging. Fluctuations in cohort numbers make year on year comparisons of limited value. When reporting about small cohorts it is also important to preserve the anonymity of each child. 
At Tredington the proportion of FSM children is  around 24% which is more than average for similar schools but 1.2% less than the national average.  5.8% of pupils have an EHCP which is higher than average for similar schools. 
These documents, taken from the DfE give you an overview of pupil progress. 
We are proud of the progress our children make in every aspect of their development and the success they take with them when they transfer to secondary school.